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Spring Dough Bowl Tutorial

Spring Dough Bowl Tutorial

Posted by Pine Lane Interiors on Jul 8th 2019

One thing I am asked repeatedly is how to decorate a dough bowl.  To be honest, the possibilities are endless. I tend to decorate mine and use it as a centerpiece or I use it for something practical, like junk mail.  :)Below is a replay of a live tutorial I did on my facebook page this Spring.  I hope that you will excuse the "ummms" and poor video quality.  But mostly I hope you get some helpful bits of information from this tutorial.

If you'd like to follow along, here are some of the items I used:

22" dough bowl (available in my shop)

1 small flowering indoor plant and tray

1 medium sized succulent (or I have also used lavender in it's place) and tray

shreds of packing paper or other paper to use as filler

1 plastic grocery bag

3 wood crosses (made of sticks and twine)

1 bag of preserved green moss

2 ceramic bunnies, birds or something similar

1 block of craft or floral foam

Happy Decorating!  Share your photos of your decorated dough bowls on our Pine Lane facebook page