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Shopping in a Vintage Wonderland

Shopping in a Vintage Wonderland

Jan 9th 2018

During Christmas Break, the kids and I went on an adventure and visited family friends that recently moved to the Chattanooga area.  Another friend met us up there with her three children. It was our family's first trip to the area and we had a great time. 

My friends and I were pretty brave, doing Chattanooga in 25 degree weather with eight kids, ages 2-16!  It's a neat place.  We navigated our way through Lookout Mountain, stopping at Point Park. 

Then once the blistering cold wind was just too much, we toured Ruby Falls, where it is a cool 60 degrees year round!   

We walked around Downtown Chattanooga, stopping at several cute shops and restaurants, and ending our trip with a stop at Coolidge Park.  

It was a good time catching up with friends and making new memories. 

Another thing we did while we were there was check out a distribution warehouse I had been reading about for a couple months.  Most of the items there can not be shipped and you have to pick them up yourself.  So, while we were up that way, I figure I would make a little detour and find this place and boy, I am glad I did.  I filled up the back of my small SUV and my friend's mini-van and brought home what I could, but next time I will bring a trailer with me!  We find some neat and unique items.  Here are some pics of a few of the pieces we loved most.  


Do you have any favorite stores tucked away in a small town?  If so, we'd love to hear about them.