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Easy Peasy Gallery Wall

Easy Peasy Gallery Wall

Posted by Pine Lane Interiors on Jan 29th 2018

My friend called for help.  She has a large wall that sits at the edge of her large living room.  She has tried to keep the wall occupied with furniture, arches, and sofa tables, but she was never pleased with how it turned out. 

We decided we would move the furniture away from the wall to free space through the area and give her family a walkway from the kids' bedrooms to the foyer, dinning room, and kitchen. 

Here is what it looked like before.

We needed to bring life to this wall.  She had always wanted a gallery wall and we decided we'd give it a try, using mostly photos and d├ęcor she already had. 

She had a few oversized photo frames that I knew would carry the most of the weight and could easily be used as the focal points of the wall.  They were hanging in her living room in another area, so, we took them down, painted them complimenting colors, and moved them to the gallery wall. 

We picked up the lemon grass wreath, small galvanized bucket, tobacco basket, and a couple of small wall plaques from Hobby Lobby.  The greenery really added a lively feel to the wall and complements the neutral colors very well.

To add more personal touches to the wall, as a family of deer hunters, we took a wooden oval plaque, stained it using Minwax's Dark Walnut Stain, and mounted (using a screw) a set of deer antlers harvested by her youngest son. 

So, here it is...

Eventually, she'd like to add more items to the gallery wall, which is one of the great things about it.  You can add or replace anything you'd like from it without too much fuss!