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Christmas Decorating on a Budget

Jan 8th 2018

Whew! Christmas has come and gone!  Believe it or not, like you, I planned months in advance for Christmas, but somehow I am still expecting Thanksgiving next week! This year, I've learned … read more
How to Make Red Velvet Bows for Christmas

How to Make Red Velvet Bows for Christmas

Dec 12th 2017

I often change the Christmas colors or themes in my home.  From classic red and gold to a full neutral rustic theme, but one thing I never change are the wreaths with red velvet bows that ha … read more

To display trophies or not?

Aug 28th 2017

I'm not talking about shiny medallions or first place prizes here, my friends. I am talking about big, honking animal body parts hanging out in your home and on your walls. My husband is an avid … read more

Easy DIY Weekend Project - Turn a Lamp into a Table Base

Mar 2nd 2017

If your family is anything like ours, we need lots of places to set and store things. In my living room, I have two end tables near the sofas and a large coffee table, but my husband had no table near … read more
Painting Your Teen's Room ORANGE

Painting Your Teen's Room ORANGE

Mar 1st 2017

Tony Stewart/Home Depot Orange...the color my tween son requested we paint his room.  I gave a tight toothy grin and bit my tongue in horror.  How in the world was Home Depot orange going to … read more